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Is your New Puppy Acting a Little Nervous?

Its totally normal for your new puppy to act scared or shy for the first couple of days in their new home. Don't be surprised if they aren't too interested in any kind of action or excitement. Its important to create a calm, soothing enviroment during these early days. Try not to leave your new puppy alone for long periods of time. As they grow and adapt to their new home, you can trust him/her alone for longer periods of time.

Is your New Puppy Showing Signs of Aggression?

If your puppy shows signs of aggression, please don't tease or encourage this behavior. Softly correct the puppy and soothe them. This is normal behavior for your puppy to display if they are scared or hurt.

Signs of aggression may be caused by picking up you puppy while they are scared, if their ribs get squeezed, or if they are being aggrevated on purpose. Chihuahuas show aggression sometimes to make up for their small size! Your puppy has been loved and spoiled during their time at "My Fuzzy Chihuahuas" to help avoid these problems 


Giving your pup plenty to chew on is important. Failure to provide chew toys will cause them  for the shoes electric cords and even wall trim if given the chance! Your little guy/gal are teething and require things to chew on to work those little chompers in! 

Bully sticks 

Beef bladder 

are great choices! anything without "rawhide" will be just fine. 

Potty Training.

Your new puppy will already be trained to go to the bathroom on their potty pad. They are used to their playpen, where one half was for playing, resting and eating, and the other half was where they went potty. 

Potty training outside is another option. You will need a stricter schedule, take your puppy out every hour for the first couple days until they understand the concept. Potty pads are helpful during this time in the playpen or when you plan to be gone longer than expected and won’t be home to let him/her go out to potty. Crate training is an excellent option as well, but causes a little more stress for the little guys.. Be patient and for more information try the link below   

How To Potty Train Your Puppy... 


leaving your puppy alone for the night comes with its challenges here are some things that can help overcome the loneliness and help everyone get a full nights sleep.


A miracle product called the "Snuggle Puppy" creates the sense of being back with their litter mates with the warm heat pack and the simulation of a real puppy heart beat! 


Try putting a warm water bottle in their bed.. 


A ticking or beating heartbeat sound such as a clock or a small hum of a fan.


The blanket from home provided at the time your pickup your puppy.

Vet Visits. 

your puppy has come with their first and second vaccines! They have also been checked by our veterinarian. We reccomend that if possible try to have only one vaccine administered at a time to avoid overworking your puppy. Too many vaccines at a time can impact your puppy's liver and overhealth 


When introducing your puppy to new people or children make sure they realize how small and fragile chihuahuas are, they need to be handled with care. Use caution to make sure they don't jump out of your arms. 

Taking your puppy to meet a lot of people helps tremendously with how friendly he or she will be

so most of all have fun an socialize!

AKC Registration.

AKC is an excellent tool for all your records. They have helpful tips and tricks on puppy training and so much more! 

Puppy Tips and Tricks 

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